RollingCoin is a powerful tool for your finances.

RollingCoin is a powerful tool for your finances.

RollingCoin is a powerful tool for your finances designed for:

• Structured overview of costs and revenues

• Tracking assets and costs over time

• Powerful import and recognition of data

• Efficient entry and modification of data

• Secure data storage

• Multiuser data access

• and much more

Finances under control

It doesn't matter how many financial activities you have or if you simply want to check family expenses. You can have your finances safely under control in one place and at all times. It's up to you what you want to follow.

Data import

Most financial transactions are made through bank accounts and by credit card. These transactions leave an electronic track in the form of bank statements, which can be effectively utilized by RollingCoin.

With RollingCoin you can import bank statements and automatically sort items according to the context of each transaction, link interbank transfers and in the case of a new unknown transaction it allows the transaction to be correctly recognized the next time it occurs. All recurring transactions are always automatically recognized.


RollingCoin enables users to list values of the property through time and even follow the cost of purchase, maintenance and subsequently its sale.

Structured overview of costs and revenues, tracking assets and costs over time, powerful import and recognition of data, efficient entry and modification of data…



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